An independent project is completed by the learner. The project is normally based in an industrial setting under the joint supervision of an academic supervisor and a workplace supervisor. Alternatively, where a workplace project is not appropriate, it may take place within the institute under the supervision of an academic supervisor. This module will help the learner to develop their project management skills, team-working and communication skills and enable them to progress their knowledge by developing the skills required to complete more advanced projects.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Source scientific literature and access relevant information through the use of journals, books, abstracts, inter-library loans, the Internet and other electronic media.

  2.  Selectively abstract, synthesize and collate relevant information.

  3. Develop a project plan and perform the necessary investigative work.

  4. Select appropriate experimental or other methodologies, and present reasoned argument and draw appropriate conclusions from their research work.

  5. Present a dissertation, and deliver an oral presentation on their project work.

  6. Answer technical and other questions on the work conducted and the project experience

% Coursework 100%