Project Engineering


The project engineering module provides a complete engineering project experience in a software and/or electronic engineering application area, from idea creation, researching and planning through to execution, presentation and demonstration. Technical and soft skills, are developed and integrated throughout the module. As a final year project, emphasis is on the synthesis and further development of acquired knowlege, skills and competence, to deliver a project of significant technical and academic challenge.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Research a project application area and create a project proposal.

  2. Design engineering solutions to complex problems utilising a systems approach.

  3. Communicate with peers and the community at large in written and oral forms.

  4. Evaluate suitable ideas, technologies, tools and/or Intellectual Property for use in a project.

  5. Research and confidently critique new developments in the area of sustainability in the software and electronics industry and determine how this information may be applied professionally.

  6. Develop, integrate and test hardware and/or software elements of a project.

  7. Demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes of a professional engineer.

  8. Propose solutions to issues that arise in the context of a project.

  9. Manage project deliverables throughout the project timeline.

  10. Work independently, and under supervisor guidance, towards project goals.

  11. Demonstrate a sound technical knowledge of their selected project topic.

  12. Reflect and apply knowledge gained in other subjects to their project topic.

% Coursework 100%