Project/Placement 3


This module guides the learner in the fulfilling of a technical assignment either in an industrial environment or in a research laboratory setting. The assignment will typically involve research/ esign/ development / implementation/ characterisation/ validation with respect to instrument and/or control system(s) for specified application(s). The learner will work either individually or as part of a project team

Learning Outcomes

  1. Work efficiently either individually or as part of a technical project team.

  2. Source/research/comprehend/synthesise/explain scientific and technical information, concepts and data relevant to an assignment in the field of physics and instrumentation.

  3. Synthesise formally acquired knowledge and skills in the context of a technical assignment.

  4. Produce a rational schedule and costing for the design, construction and delivery of an instrumentation system for a specified application.

  5. Design/construct/test/calibrate/troubleshoot instrumentation systems using appropriate theoretical and/or practical methodologies.

  6. Work within recognised safety regulations and procedures with scientific/business ethics.

  7. Summarise/assess/present/defend the basis and results of a technical project/assignment.

  8. Work without direct supervision in conducting a project investigation and participate in the development and design of new instrument systems.

% Coursework 100%