Public Relations, Community Engagement and Advocacy


The aim of this module is to gain practical experience through project management in Public Relations, Community Engagement and Advocacy.  This builds on the year 1 modules in Introduction to Public Relations and Marketing Principals in two ways. Firstly, it marks a shift from theory to a more practice based model, complimenting other practice based modules in this year. Secondly, it foregrounds the notion of advocacy as a working principle in the new media field.

The student identifies a topic or suitable subject connected to ideas of social good and develops this as a form of advocacy. Attention is given to the principles of Constructive or Solutions-based Journalism as a mode of production. Projects can be mediated as on-line content or a specific website.

The students will develop skills as digital story tellers towards the creation of informed campaigns based on ethical principles, trust and competence.

It will be a classroom based practical module which will simulate the workplace environment. It will not involve interaction with external companies or community groups.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Design an ethically sound public relations campaign.

  2. Exhibit an ability to engage with communities and utilise constructive journalism to communicate and disseminate community issues. 

  3. Display a technical competence in the handling of a wide variety of media appropriate to the project demands.

  4. Describe the principles of advocacy and introduce these as a structuring element in a PR campaign.

  5. Implement appropriate digital marketing strategies and modes of dissemination for various project needs.

  6. Appraise the importance of ethics, trust and confidence in communications.

% Coursework 100%