Quality and Risk Management


The aim of this module is to develop students' understanding of quality, and patient safety. It will offer a historical context to patient safety; the learner will explore recent and historial events related to healthcare. The module will focus on the context, key principles and competencies associated with quality improvement and patient safety. It will encourage the student to explore how quality is defined and measured in relation to healthcare. There will be a focus on application to practice and students will consider aspects of quality and patient safety from their own area of practice and application of theory. The module seeks to create a critical awareness of the contemporary themes quality improvement and includes themes such as risk management, human factors as well as broader patient safety themes. There will be a focus on application to practice.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically analyse key patient safety issues from a relevant area of practice.

  2. Analyse and critically evaluate fundamental issues in human error and systems thinking related to improving person safety.

  3. Demonstrate the principles of risk management and apply them to practice.

  4. Demonstrate an understanding of audit and its application to practice

  5. Demonstrate an understanding professional roles in relation to safe patient care.

% Coursework 100%