Research Methods & Dissertation Preparation


This module provides the theoretical insight and practical skills required to critically appraise scientific literature and design, implement, statistically analyse and report a scientific study in agricultural sciences/environmental management. This module is a supporting module to the concurrent final year research project module that further develops and deepens the knowledge required by the learner to select, design and conduct their final year research project.

Sustainable development topics referenced within the module include: Zero Hunger; Climate Action; Life Below Water; and Life On Land.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Systematically source scientific and regulatory/legislative literature

  2. Critically appraise scientific literature

  3. Design and plan the delivery of a research project and communicate design with clarity and logical structure

  4. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of quantitative data analysis in the evaluation of scientific research.

  5. Critically evaluate the characteristics and suitability and reliability of data and the strengths and limitations of approaches to statistical analysis.

  6. Implement the principles of hypothesis testing to conduct statistical tests for significant difference, relationships and for association, form and communicate with clarity scientifically valid conclusions from such analyses.

  7. Understand, formulate, perform and interpret statistical analyses appropriate to particular types of experimental and observational data in agricultural and environmental sciences.

% Coursework 100%