Research Methods - The Literature Review


This module provides an opportunity for the learner to develop a Literature Review of their chosen research area. This endeavour will require a critical assessment and evaluation of sources. This Literature Review should evolve into a description of the literature relevant to their particular field or topic. The main purpose of the Literature Review in the context of the BA (Hons) in Outdoor Education is to summarise, synthesis and analyse the main arguments and ideas in their chosen field within the broad outdoor education field. Learners participating in a designated stream on the BA (Hons) programme will align their research area with this stream, e.g. Geography or Therapeutic focus.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Show both a broad and in-depth knowledge of their chosen area of research, building appropriately on the work completed during earlier years of their programme of study.

  2. Deploy research skills, including reading; drafting, re-writing and editing; information retrieval skills; the ability to gather, sift, and organise material independently and critically, and evaluate its significance.

  3. Plan and execute an extended piece of writing.

  4. Operate independently and responsibly, and take a positive and active role in his/her/their learning, in the service of the production of a sustained piece of critical writing.

% Coursework 100%