Research Project


The research project combines an industrial or academic placement with a literature review pertaining to the programme of study. The placement will be facilitated in an industrial setting (biopharmaceutical / pharmaceutical / diagnostic / MedTech) or research institute under the joint supervision of an academic supervisor and a workplace supervisor. The module will enable learners to work effectively in a highly regulated industrial environment or in an academic or industrial research laboratory. It will develop their project management, critical thinking, communication, time-management and team-working skills while also enabling them to progress their knowledge in Biopharmaceutical Science.

Learners will undertake an extensive literature review pertaining to Biopharmaceutical Science. They will perform the relevant experimental or other research require for dissertation collation and give an oral presentation on their work. The dissertation will be assessed via a PowerPoint presentation and viva voce.

Learners will be required to reflect on their research work, evaluate the significance of their findings and participate in scientifically reasoned argument.

An Academic placement may also be carried out at ATU Galway when facilitation at an Industrial setting is not possible.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Source scientific literature and access relevant information through the use of databases, journals, books, abstracts, inter-library loans, the Internet and other electronic media.

  2. Selectively abstract, synthesize and collate relevant information.

  3. Demonstrate project and time management skills to facilitate dissertation compilation, placement preparation and placement work duty obligations.

  4. Reflect on learning activities associated with placement and document reflective synopses prior to placement culmination.

  5. Present reasoned argument and draw appropriate conclusions from their research work.

  6. Present a written typed dissertation electronically to moodle.

  7. Communicate research results by delivering an oral PowerPoint presentation on their research.

  8. Answer technical questions on the research work conducted.

% Coursework 100%