Research Project in Medical Technologies


Students will undertake an approved research project under the direction of an internal supervisory panel and, if appropriate, a supervisor from a relevant external organisation. Design of the project should be produced by the learner with the advice of the supervisors and may also be of relevance to an organisation such as an employer.

Learners enrolled are expected to develop the knowledge, know-how and skills, and competencies required to successfully research, develop, scope the project and present project implementation plan. Learners are expected to either individually or as part of a team develop research, problem analysis, project planning and communication skills at masters level. Projects may be drawn from any discipline within the course or from an area of expertise of the supervisors.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify and choose a research project topic and plan the delivery of that research project.

  2. Select and synthesise information available in scientific literature (and in some cases other literature) in order to establish the need for,
    and potential scope and context of, the research project.

  3. Develop creative ways of solving new research problems.

  4. Collect and analyse data qualitatively and quantitatively, including an assessment of the statistical validity of the research results.

  5. Manage resources allocated to completing a research project.

  6. Communicate research results in written and oral forms, demonstrating critical analysis, synthesis and organisation of knowledge, and
    the construction of a rational and lucid scientific argument.

% Coursework 100%