Research with Children


This module will provide the learner with a broad introduction to research terminology, research approaches, research methods and design. The module will accord priority to research with children and/or about children. It will consider research as promoting the rights of all children, ensuring child protection and the generation of collaborative adult and child knowledge. The learner will be guided to describe evidence based research. Through the analysis of existing research, the learner will consider the study methods, the conclusions, and recommendations and what they mean for children, their families, communities and the Early Childhood Education and Care sector.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Define the process of research.

  2. Explore a diverse range of research methods.

  3. Assess and review academic articles relevant to the field of Early Childhood Education and Care in order to conduct a literature review.

  4. Discuss child rights, child protection and ethics when applied to primary and secondary research.

  5. Describe the role of the adult in the research process, when conducting research with/for or about children.

% Coursework 100%