Robotics and Automation


This module equips the learner with the knowledge and skills required to specify, analyse, implement and test automatic control and robotics systems.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Give reasons for the implementation of P, PI or PID control. Assess the effect of dead time on the behaviour of a control system. Examine the uses of cascade control and feedforward control.

  2. Model 2nd-order physical systems using differential equations

  3. Represent 2nd-order system responses using Laplace Transform method.

  4. Design closed-loop feedback systems.

  5. Analyse closed-loop control systems in terms of stability performance.

  6. Specify system performance in terms of time-domain and frequency-domain response.

  7. Analyse control systems in terms of steady-state error.

  8. Describe the construction and use of robotic systems. Program an industrial standard six-axis robot.

  9. Design, set up, operate and analyse complex control systems. Set up and operate robotic systems. Model control system behaviour using suitable methods. Analyse and present results of experimental work in tabular/graphical form. Advanced control of selected process parameters.

% Coursework 70%
% Final Exam 30%