School Placement 1


School Placement 1 gives students an introduction to foundational educational theory and its application in the classroom. Students participate in a series of peer teaching and/or microteaching exercises, with direction given on the development of lesson plans and teaching aids. Students also attend a primary or secondary school for one full week, as an observer and/or assistant teacher, and reflect on the experience in the context of practitioner/action research (AR). The module is delivered using a blended learning approach. As a requirement for commencing School Placement students complete TUSLA childcare e-Training, undergo Garda vetting and are required to comply with GMIT 'fitness to practice' policy.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply a foundational knowledge of theories of learning and teaching to classroom management, lesson structure and effective lesson planning.

  2. Prepare and deliver a section of a lesson in a peer and/or micro teaching environment.

  3. Critically reflect on lessons observed and delivered in the context of practitioner research or Action Research (AR).

  4. Demonstrate Numeracy, Literacy and Differentiation strategies in teaching and learning.

  5. Demonstrate competency in the use of foundational ICT and education technology software.

% Coursework 100%