Growing Professional Competence in Nutrition

GMIT NutriPD Project

The NutriPD project in GMIT seeks to develop and grow professional competence in nutrition in Ireland, through the implementation of competency-based education in Higher Education Institutes and the creation of a network of nutritionists to highlight issues facing the profession and advocate for protection of the title.


NutriPD Community of Practice

A Community of Practice (CoP) was established in May 2020 to bring together those with a key stake in nutrition education and employment.

The aim of the CoP is to develop a network for sharing information and advocating for recognition of the registration process and Association for Nutrition (AfN) accreditation.


NutriPD Project - Education framework

The NutriPD project also aims to assess how competence in nutrition is conceptualised and develop a framework for the development of competency-based assessment (CBA) in education.

The main outcomes expected from this project are a greater awareness of registered nutritionists and their scope of practice in the community, and an increase in qualified nutritionists entering the workforce.



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Dr Anita Talbot, a Research Fellow at the Marine and Freshwater Research Centre (MFRC) in GMIT’s Galway campus

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GMIT’s Research & Innovation Department is pleased to announce four new Cullen Scholarship projects. Each project offers exciting opportunities to suitably qualified graduates to undertake funded PhD research in marine science and biodiversity conservation in the west.

Pictured at last year’s Digital West event at the GMIT Mayo campus in January, L to R, lecturers Sharon Boyle, Noreen Henry, Laura Hegarty and Dr Janine McGinn. [Photographer: John Mee.]

GMIT is delighted to announce an exciting line-up of speakers taking part in this year’s Digital West event which takes place fully online at on Tuesday week, 26 January 2021, from 10am to 12.30pm, on the theme of “Digital Transform