Student Stories

Medical Science Student - Bridget Melley

I chose GMIT to study medical science as it is one of only three colleges in Ireland which qualifies you to work in a hospital as soon as you graduate.

It also offers plenty of hands on experience in the lab, as well as a thirty week placement in 3rd year which I am currently preparing for. This makes the learning process feel much more enjoyable, and reminds you that you will one day be dealing with real patients.

GMIT also offers small class and lab groups meaning lecturers are very approachable, and asking questions is never a problem.

Along with the practical element, I really enjoy the modules we are studying. Subjects like Haematology, Immunology, Cell Pathology, Human Physiology and Clinical Chemistry all give a great insight into the workings of the human body, and are really interesting to study. It's also great to learn about how many different diseases actually take over and affect our bodies, and more importantly what we can do to stop and treat them.

When I graduate I hope to get a job in a hospital laboratory. It would be a great privilege to be a part of the clinical team that will be helping to diagnose and treat patients, or even to make their life with a condition that bit easier. At the end of the day dealing with peoples health is a big responsibility and always good motivation for study.

Studying Medical Science at GMIT in Galway

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