Scientific and Professional Communication


The module is practically-based with an emphasis on interactive discussion and group work. It explores student-centred learning techniques and activation strategies. This module introduces students to the skill of communication with an emphasis on professional communication. It will enable students to develop key communication skills, oral, non-verbal and written to assist them to communicate effectively and professionally in their scientific careers.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Plan, design and deliver professional effective oral and written communication ethically, using appropriate medium.

  2. Produce professional written documentation following accepted conventions of design, structure and content which is grammatically and technically correct.

  3. Reflect on participation with groups and identify ways on which to improve their individual performance.

  4. Discriminate between information sources and reference all sources of information using the Harvard referencing style.

  5. Create a professional digital presence 

  6. Develop good documentation practices

% Coursework 100%