Social and Multimedia Technologies


This module is designed to introduce the student to screen-based design, interactive media and Web 2.0 tools for multimedia development. The module initially will focus on the use of proprietary software for multimedia development and then with a particular emphasis on authoring and the integration of all design, multimedia elements and content from Web 2.0 tools / technologies in a time based multimedia production using contemporary software suite. Immersion in the Web 2.0 environment is crucial to understanding the ubiquitous nature of blogging, collaborating and media sharing in the global hospitality organisation.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Evaluate the various multimedia and Web 2.0 technologies.

  2. Identify / evaluate appropriate hardware and software components necessary for the multimedia development environment.

  3. Storyboard, design and develop graphics, audio outputs, video outputs and web 2.0 resources.

  4. Use appropriate software to edit, improve and enhance graphics, audio outputs, video outputs and web 2.0 outputs.

  5. Storyboard, design and develop social multimedia content in an authoring environment.

% Coursework 100%