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Surname Forename Title Campus Ext Phone Email Address
Barrett Paula Ms Mayo 3192 3192 Paula Barrett
Barrett Pauline Ms Galway 2262 2262 Pauline Barrett
Barrett Kevin Mr Galway 2457 2457 Kevin Barrett
Barry Oonagh Ms CCAM 5409 5409 Oonagh Barry
Bartley Jerry Mr Galway 2124 2124 Jerry Bartley
Beattie Ailish Ms Galway 2746 2746 Ailish Beattie
Beatty Andrew Mr Mayo 3131 3131 Andrew Beatty
Beirne Veronica Ms Mayo 3230 3230 Veronica Beirne
BerbeyAnderson Magali Ms Galway 2174 2174 Magali BerbeyAnderson
Berrow Simon Mr Galway 2296 2296 Simon Berrow
Berthaud Sarah Dr Galway 2422 2422 Sarah Berthaud
Boyd John Mr Galway 2518 2518 John Boyd
Boyle James Mr Galway 2090 2090 James Boyle
Boyle Sharon Ms Mayo 3104 3104 Sharon Boyle
Boyle Andrew Mr CCAM 5446 5446 Andrew Boyle
Brady John Mr CCAM 5414 5414 John Brady
Breen Sean Mr Letterfrack 2663 2663 Sean Breen
Brennan Carmel Ms Galway 2266 2266 Carmel Brennan
Brennan Claire Ms Galway 2829 2829 Claire Brennan
Brennan Gary Mr Galway 2813 2813 Gary Brennan
Briggs Gerry Mr Galway 2799 2799 Gerry Briggs
Briggs Kathryn Ms Galway 2789 2789 Kathryn Briggs
Broderick Gemma Mrs Galway 2228 2228 Gemma Broderick
Brophy Deirdre Dr Galway 2484 2484 Deirdre Brophy
Browne Fiona Miss Galway 2265 2265 Fiona Browne
Bruen Teresa Ms Mayo 3265 3265 Teresa Bruen
Buchan Isabel Ms Galway 2464 2464 Isabel Buchan
Burke Phil Ms Galway 2797 2797 Phil Burke
Burke Marie Ms Galway 2246 2246 Marie Burke
Burke Paul Mr Galway 2231 2231 Paul Burke
Burke Ultan Mr Galway 2124 2124 Ultan Burke
Burke Tracey Ms Galway 2349 2349 Tracey Burke
Butler Peter Mr Galway 2328 2328 Peter Butler
Butler John Mr CCAM 5448 5448 John Butler
Butler Valerie Ms Galway 2302 2302 Valerie Butler
Byrne Theresa Ms Galway 2392 2392 Theresa Byrne
Byrne Avril Mrs Galway 2523 2523 Avril Byrne
Byrne Shane Mr Mayo 3253 3253 Shane Byrne
Byrne Tina Ms CCAM 5451 5451 Tina Byrne
Byrne Brendan Mr Galway 2572 2572 Brendan Byrne