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Surname Forename Title Campus Phone Email
DArcy Rebekah Dr Galway 35391742503 Rebekah DArcy
Daffy Sean Dr Galway 35391742533 Sean Daffy
Dagge Erika Ms CCAM 35391742192 Erika Dagge
Daley Maria Ms Mayo 353949043107 Maria Daley
Dalton Jacinta Ms Galway 35391742242 Jacinta Dalton
Daly Eoghan Mr Galway 35391753161 Eoghan Daly
Daly Betty Miss Galway 35391742068 Betty Daly
Daly Ed Mr Galway 35391742158 Ed Daly
Daly Regina Ms Galway 35391742826 Regina Daly
Daly Patrick Mr Galway 35391753161 Patrick Daly
Davoren Sadie Ms Galway 35391742506 Sadie Davoren
Davy Jackie Ms Galway 35391742245 Jackie Davy
De Souza Brian Dr Galway 35391742071 Brian De Souza
Deegan Mark Mr Galway 35391742341 Mark Deegan
Deegan Deirdre Ms CCAM 35391745458 Deirdre Deegan
Delargy Helen Ms Galway 35391742233 Helen Delargy
Delargy Dermot Mr CCAM 35391745412 Dermot Delargy
Delargy Fergus Mr CCAM 35391745402 Fergus Delargy
Delassus Patrick Dr Galway 35391742478 Patrick Delassus
Delee Bill Mr Galway 35391742069 Bill Delee
Dempsey Colm Mr Galway 35391753161 Colm Dempsey
Dempsey Suzanne Ms Galway 35391742209 Suzanne Dempsey
Dempsey Gary Mr CCAM 35391745444 Gary Dempsey
Dempsey Jacqueline Ms Mayo 353949043144 Jacqueline Dempsey
Denning Marie Ms Mayo 353949043126 Marie Denning
Derrane Kevin Mr Galway 35391742316 Kevin Derrane
DevereuxBurke Shirley Mrs Galway 35391742536 Shirley DevereuxBurke
Dillon Denise Ms Galway 35391742878 Denise Dillon
Dimache Aurora Dr Galway 35391742056 Aurora Dimache
Dimache Laurentiu Mr Galway 35391742327 Laurentiu Dimache
Dinneen Pat Dr Galway 35391742088 Pat Dinneen
Diskin Seamus Mr Galway 35391742531 Seamus Diskin
Divilly Clare Ms Galway 35391742211 Clare Divilly
Doherty Joanne Ms Mayo 353949043117 Joanne Doherty
Doherty Donna Ms Galway 35391742153 Donna Doherty
Doherty Paul Mr Galway 35391742480 Paul Doherty
Donlon Sarah Ms Galway 35391742525 Sarah Donlon
Donnellan Teresa Ms Galway 35391742831 Teresa Donnellan
Donnelly Anne Ms Mayo 353949043110 Anne Donnelly
Donnelly Martin Mr Mayo 35391753161 Martin Donnelly
Donnelly Brian Mr Galway 35391753161 Brian Donnelly
Donoghue Anita Miss Galway 35391742021 Anita Donoghue
Donoghue Bernadette Ms Galway 35391742777 Bernadette Donoghue
Donoghue Martin Mr Galway 35391753161 Martin Donoghue
Doogan Anthony Mr Letterfrack 35391753161 Anthony Doogan
Dooher Shea Mr CCAM 35391745415 Shea Dooher
Doolan Lelia Miss CCAM 35391745464 Lelia Doolan
Dooley Lisa Ms Galway 35391742585 Lisa Dooley
Doughan Fiona Ms Galway 35391742842 Fiona Doughan
Dowdall Kevin Mr Galway 35391742317 Kevin Dowdall