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Surname Forename Title Campus Ext Phone Email Address
Faherty Sheila Dr Galway 2881 2881 Sheila Faherty
Faherty Barbara Ms Galway 2790 2790 Barbara Faherty
Faherty Fiona Ms Galway 2744 2744 Fiona Faherty
Fahy Paul Dr Galway 2871 2871 Paul Fahy
Fahy Sean Mr Galway 2035 2035 Sean Fahy
Fahy Dervla Miss Galway 2563 2563 Dervla Fahy
Fahy Deirdre Ms Galway 2420 2420 Deirdre Fahy
Fahy Mary Mrs Galway 2408 2408 Mary Fahy
Farinas-Franco JoseMaria Dr Galway 2186 2186 JoseMaria Farinas-Franco
Farrell Jenny Dr Galway 2252 2252 Jenny Farrell
Farrell John Mr Galway 2882 2882 John Farrell
Farrell Denis Mr CCAM 5414 5414 Denis Farrell
Fennell Jim Mr Galway 2727 2727 Jim Fennell
Finnegan George Mr Galway 2246 2246 George Finnegan
Finnegan Marie Ms Galway 2043 2043 Marie Finnegan
Finnie Ann Ms Galway 2712 2712 Ann Finnie
Fitzsimons Maura Ms Mayo 3264 3264 Maura Fitzsimons
Flaherty Samantha Ms Letterfrack 2653 2653 Samantha Flaherty
Flanagan Ann Ms Galway 2031 2031 Ann Flanagan
Flatley Helen Ms Galway 2791 2791 Helen Flatley
Flynn Cormac Dr Galway 2379 2379 Cormac Flynn
Folan Pat Mr Galway 2256 2256 Pat Folan
Foley Des Dr Galway 2255 2255 Des Foley
Foley Ann Ms Letterfrack 2667 2667 Ann Foley
Foley Owen Dr Galway 2475 2475 Owen Foley
Forde Brendan Mr Galway 2258 2258 Brendan Forde
Forde Christine Ms Galway 2850 2850 Christine Forde
Fox Elizabeth Ms Galway 2009 2009 Elizabeth Fox
Frain Maura Mrs Galway 2566 2566 Maura Frain
Frain Mark Mr Mayo 3116 3116 Mark Frain
French Mel Ms Galway 5405 5405 Mel French
French John Dr Galway 2320 2320 John French