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Surname Forename Title Campus Ext Phone Email Address
Gachon Carine Ms Galway 2106 2106 Carine Gachon
Gallagher John Mr Letterfrack 2662 2662 John Gallagher
Gammell Martin Dr Galway 2277 2277 Martin Gammell
Gannon Margaret Ms Galway 2271 2271 Margaret Gannon
Gannon Deirdre Mrs Mayo 3146 3146 Deirdre Gannon
Gantly Barry Mr Galway 2310 2310 Barry Gantly
Garavan Mark Dr Mayo 3143 3143 Mark Garavan
Gargan Rachel Ms Galway 2581 2581 Rachel Gargan
Garvey Deirdre Dr Mayo 3113 3113 Deirdre Garvey
Garvey Sean Mr Letterfrack 2656 2656 Sean Garvey
Gately John Mr Mayo 3247 3247 John Gately
Gavin Corinna Ms Galway 2117 2117 Corinna Gavin
Geoghegan Michael Mr Galway 2377 2377 Michael Geoghegan
Geoghegan Deirdre Ms Galway 2793 2793 Deirdre Geoghegan
Geoghegan Doreen Ms Galway 2762 2762 Doreen Geoghegan
Geraghty Clodagh Ms Mayo 3197 3197 Clodagh Geraghty
Geraghty Willie Mr Galway 2164 2164 Willie Geraghty
Gibbons Wayne Mr Galway 2429 2429 Wayne Gibbons
Gilchrest Linda Ms Galway 2779 2779 Linda Gilchrest
Gill Miriam Dr Galway 2290 2290 Miriam Gill
Gill Michael Mr Mayo 3174 3174 Michael Gill
Gill Jenny Ms Galway 2543 2543 Jenny Gill
Gilligan Maura Ms Galway 2761 2761 Maura Gilligan
Gilligan Colin Mr Galway 2402 2402 Colin Gilligan
Gilsenan Clare Dr Galway 2542 2542 Clare Gilsenan
Ginty Carina Ms Galway 2423 2423 Carina Ginty
Glynn Michelle Ms Galway 2317 2317 Michelle Glynn
Goggin Kate Dr Galway 2245 2245 Kate Goggin
Gottsche Jan Dr Galway 2393 2393 Jan Gottsche
Graham Conor Dr Galway 2888 2888 Conor Graham
Graham Gary Mr Letterfrack 2652 2652 Gary Graham
Graham John Dr Galway 2160 2160 John Graham
Grealish Michael Mr Galway 2124 2124 Michael Grealish
Greaney Olive Ms Mayo 3238 3238 Olive Greaney
Greaney Joan Ms Galway 2410 2410 Joan Greaney
Griffin Dympna Ms CCAM 2294 2294 Dympna Griffin
Griffin Nicola Ms Galway 2537 2537 Nicola Griffin
Gyves Kevin Mr Letterfrack 2681 2681 Kevin Gyves