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Surname Forename Title Campus Phone Email
Gachon Carine Ms Galway 35391742106 Carine Gachon
Gallagher Maeve Ms CCAM 35391745466 Maeve Gallagher
Gallagher Laura Mrs Galway 35391753161 Laura Gallagher
Gallagher John Mr Letterfrack 35391742662 John Gallagher
Gammell Martin Dr Galway 35391742363 Martin Gammell
Gannon Deirdre Mrs Mayo 353949043120 Deirdre Gannon
Gannon Margaret Ms Galway 35391742338 Margaret Gannon
Gannon Gemma Mrs Mayo 35391753161 Gemma Gannon
Garavan Mark Dr Mayo 353949043143 Mark Garavan
Gargan Rachel Ms Galway 35391742581 Rachel Gargan
Garvey Helen Mrs CCAM 35391745461 Helen Garvey
Garvey Deirdre Dr Mayo 353949043100 Deirdre Garvey
Garvey Alice Mrs Galway 35391753161 Alice Garvey
Garvey Sean Mr Letterfrack 35391742656 Sean Garvey
Gately John Mr Mayo 353949043247 John Gately
Gaughan Sarah Ms Galway 35391753161 Sarah Gaughan
Gautam Surbhi Dr Galway 35391742594 Surbhi Gautam
Gavin Corinna Ms Galway 35391742117 Corinna Gavin
Geary Maura Miss Galway 35391753161 Maura Geary
Geoghegan Ben Mr CCAM 35391745441 Ben Geoghegan
Geoghegan Michael Mr Galway 35391742377 Michael Geoghegan
Geoghegan Doreen Ms Galway 35391742762 Doreen Geoghegan
Geoghegan Deirdre Ms Galway 35391742793 Deirdre Geoghegan
Geraghty Clodagh Ms Mayo 353949043197 Clodagh Geraghty
Geraghty Willie Mr Galway 35391742164 Willie Geraghty
Geraghty Marie Ms Galway 35391742625 Marie Geraghty
Geraghty Carol Mrs Galway 35391742535 Carol Geraghty
Gibbons Philomena Mrs Mayo 35391753161 Philomena Gibbons
Gibbons Wayne Dr Galway 35391742429 Wayne Gibbons
Gibney Enda Dr Galway 35391742188 Enda Gibney
Gilchrest Linda Ms Galway 35391742779 Linda Gilchrest
Gilhooley Mary Mrs Galway 35391753161 Mary Gilhooley
Gill Aileen Ms Galway 35391742005 Aileen Gill
Gill Jenny Ms Galway 35391742543 Jenny Gill
Gill Michael Mr Mayo 353949043174 Michael Gill
Gill Mark Mr Galway 35391742351 Mark Gill
Gill Miriam Dr Galway 35391742415 Miriam Gill
Gilligan Colin Mr Galway 35391742402 Colin Gilligan
Gilligan Maura Ms Galway 35391742761 Maura Gilligan
Gilsenan Clare Dr Galway 35391742542 Clare Gilsenan
Ginty Carina Ms Galway 35391742423 Carina Ginty
Gliga Gabriela Dr Galway 35391742200 Gabriela Gliga
Glynn Camilla Mrs Galway 35391742075 Camilla Glynn
Glynn Michelle Ms Galway 35391742886 Michelle Glynn
Goggin Kate Dr Galway 35391742296 Kate Goggin
Goode Elaine Ms Galway 35391742349 Elaine Goode
Gorman David Dr Galway 35391742113 David Gorman
Gorszczak Wojciech Mr Galway 35391742615 Wojciech Gorszczak
Gosling Paul Mr Galway 35391742481 Paul Gosling
Gottsche Jan Dr Galway 35391742249 Jan Gottsche