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Surname Forename Title Campus Phone Email
Hamrock Mary Ms Mayo 353949043119 Mary Hamrock
Hanahoe John Mr Galway 35391742393 John Hanahoe
Handy Cormac Mr Galway 35391742101 Cormac Handy
Hanley Teresa Dr Galway 35391742058 Teresa Hanley
Hanly Frances Mrs Mayo 35391753161 Frances Hanly
Hannan Siobhan Ms Galway 35391742817 Siobhan Hannan
Hanniffy Bernie Mrs Galway 35391753161 Bernie Hanniffy
Hannigan Mary Mrs Letterfrack 35391753161 Mary Hannigan
Hannon Claire Ms Galway 35391742089 Claire Hannon
Hannon Evelyn Dr Galway 35391742193 Evelyn Hannon
Hannon Aaron Mr Galway 35391742001 Aaron Hannon
Hannon Michael Mr Galway 35391742723 Michael Hannon
Hannon Stephen Mr Mayo 353949043121 Stephen Hannon
Hannon Alan Dr Galway 35391742010 Alan Hannon
Hannon Colin Dr Galway 35391742522 Colin Hannon
Hardiman Marita Mrs Galway 35391753161 Marita Hardiman
Harlowe Colette Ms Galway 35391742787 Colette Harlowe
Harnedy Richard Mr Mayo 35391753161 Richard Harnedy
Harnett Sean Mr Galway 35391742788 Sean Harnett
Harney Fiona Mrs Galway 35391753161 Fiona Harney
Harrison Gerard Mr Galway 35391742626 Gerard Harrison
Harrison Orla Mrs Galway 35391742458 Orla Harrison
Harvey Noel Dr Galway 35391742127 Noel Harvey
Harvey Sandra Mrs Galway 35391742517 Sandra Harvey
Haughey Eamon Dr Galway 35391742154 Eamon Haughey
Haughey Donal Mr CCAM 35391745422 Donal Haughey
Hautmann Maura Mrs Mayo 35391753161 Maura Hautmann
Hayden Irene Ms Galway 35391742109 Irene Hayden
Healy John Dr Galway 35391742604 John Healy
Healy Damien Mr Galway 35391742843 Damien Healy
Healy Claire Ms Galway 35391745449 Claire Healy
Healy Yvonne Ms Galway 35391742325 Yvonne Healy
Healy Michelle Ms Galway 35391742452 Michelle Healy
Heaney Carmel Dr Mayo 353949043193 Carmel Heaney
Heanue Dympna Mrs Galway 35391753161 Dympna Heanue
Hearns Niamh Ms Mayo 353949043278 Niamh Hearns
Heaslip Graham Professor Galway 35391742241 Graham Heaslip
Heffernan James Mr Galway 35391742206 James Heffernan
Heffernan Pat Mr Galway 35391742728 Pat Heffernan
Hegarty Edel Ms Galway 35391742769 Edel Hegarty
Hegarty Laura Ms Galway 35391742313 Laura Hegarty
Hegarty Elaine Ms Galway 35391742740 Elaine Hegarty
Heneghan Kieran Mr Galway 35391742811 Kieran Heneghan
Henehan Daragh Mr Galway 35391742359 Daragh Henehan
Hennelly Jacinta Ms Galway 35391742201 Jacinta Hennelly
Henry Mary Ms Galway 35391742806 Mary Henry
Henry Noreen Ms Mayo 353949043245 Noreen Henry
Henry Deirdre Ms Galway 35391742845 Deirdre Henry
Herron Ciara Ms Galway 35391742170 Ciara Herron
Hession Sarah Mrs Galway 35391753161 Sarah Hession