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Surname Forename Title Campus Ext Phone Email Address
Kavanagh Caroline Ms Mayo 3114 3114 Caroline Kavanagh
Kavanagh Fiona Dr Galway 2892 2892 Fiona Kavanagh
Keane Mandy Mrs Mayo 3149 3149 Mandy Keane
Keane Martina Ms Mayo 3158 3158 Martina Keane
Kearney Martin Mr Letterfrack 2671 2671 Martin Kearney
Kearns Austin Mr Galway 2375 2375 Austin Kearns
Keary John Mr Galway 2474 2474 John Keary
Keating Marilla Ms Galway 2557 2557 Marilla Keating
Keaveney Michael Mr Galway 2036 2036 Michael Keaveney
Kelleher Colm Mr Galway 2584 2584 Colm Kelleher
Kelly Mark Dr Galway 2161 2161 Mark Kelly
Kelly Kathleen Ms Galway 2227 2227 Kathleen Kelly
Kelly Maura Ms Galway 2290 2290 Maura Kelly
Kelly Ita Ms Galway 2887 2887 Ita Kelly
Kelly Fionnuala Ms Galway 2766 2766 Fionnuala Kelly
Kelly Des Mr Letterfrack 2686 2686 Des Kelly
Kelly Eileen Mrs Galway 2122 2122 Eileen Kelly
Kelly Noreen Ms Galway 2848 2848 Noreen Kelly
Kennedy Treasa Ms Galway 5409 5409 Treasa Kennedy
Kennedy Mary Ms Galway 2757 2757 Mary Kennedy
Kennedy John Dr Galway 2824 2824 John Kennedy
Kennedy John Mr Galway 2094 2094 John Kennedy
Kenny Gary Dr Galway 2028 2028 Gary Kenny
KerinsOBrien Michelle Ms Mayo 3127 3127 Michelle KerinsOBrien
Kerr Justin Mr Mayo 3249 3249 Justin Kerr
Kiely Etain Dr Galway 2591 2591 Etain Kiely
Kilbane Louise Ms Mayo 3152 3152 Louise Kilbane
Kilgannon Sinead Ms Mayo 3129 3129 Sinead Kilgannon
Killoran Bridie Ms Galway 2778 2778 Bridie Killoran
King Noreen Mrs Galway 2427 2427 Noreen King
King Majella Ms Mayo 3171 3171 Majella King
King Pauline Dr Galway 2089 2089 Pauline King
King Mary Ms Galway 2144 2144 Mary King
King Emily Ms Galway 2418 2418 Emily King
Kinnarney Deirdre Ms Galway 2830 2830 Deirdre Kinnarney
Kirrane Pio Mr Galway 2716 2716 Pio Kirrane