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Surname Forename Title Campus Phone Email
Laffey Colette Mrs Letterfrack 35391753161 Colette Laffey
Laffey Margaret Mrs Galway 35391742118 Margaret Laffey
Lally Heather Dr Galway 35391742484 Heather Lally
Lally Bernie Ms Galway 35391742781 Bernie Lally
Lammond Mary Ms Mayo 353949043184 Mary Lammond
Langan Louise Ms Galway 35391742436 Louise Langan
Langan Michael Mr Galway 35391742840 Michael Langan
Langan John Mr CCAM 35391745451 John Langan
Langdon Shane Mr Galway 35391742810 Shane Langdon
Lappin Pat Mr Mayo 353949043135 Pat Lappin
Lardner Pat Mr Galway 35391742467 Pat Lardner
Largent Matthew Mr Mayo 35391753161 Matthew Largent
Larkin Eileen Ms Galway 35391742165 Eileen Larkin
Larkin Mary Ms Galway 35391742598 Mary Larkin
Larkin Bernadette Ms Galway 35391742066 Bernadette Larkin
Larkin Davin Mr Letterfrack 35391742692 Davin Larkin
Lawless John Mr Galway 35391753161 John Lawless
Leahy Siobhan Dr Galway 35391742571 Siobhan Leahy
Leahy Jack Mr Galway 35391753161 Jack Leahy
Leamy Paul Mr Letterfrack 35391742655 Paul Leamy
Leavy Elaine Ms Galway 35391742841 Elaine Leavy
Lee Michelle Mrs Galway 35391742851 Michelle Lee
Lee David Mr Galway 35391742015 David Lee
Leguet Maxime Mr Galway 35391753161 Maxime Leguet
Lennon Paul Mr Galway 35391742449 Paul Lennon
Lennon Celia Ms Galway 35391753161 Celia Lennon
Lennon Seamus Dr Galway 35391742705 Seamus Lennon
Leonard Seamus Mr Galway 35391742033 Seamus Leonard
Leslie Ger Mr CCAM 35391745405 Ger Leslie
Light Aoife Ms CCAM 5454 Aoife Light
Linehan Aidan Mr Galway 35391745440 Aidan Linehan
Linnane Martina Ms Galway 35391742178 Martina Linnane
Linnane Renagh Ms Galway 35391742301 Renagh Linnane
Loftus Damien Mr Galway 35391742087 Damien Loftus
Loftus Donal Mr Galway 35391742137 Donal Loftus
Logue Pauline Ms Letterfrack 35391742047 Pauline Logue
Lohan John Dr Galway 35391742277 John Lohan
Long Aidan Dr Galway 35391742003 Aidan Long
Long Noeleen Mrs Galway 2227 Noeleen Long
Long Bridie Mrs Galway 2227 Bridie Long
Lopez Simon Mr Galway 35391742562 Simon Lopez
Loughran Brian Mr CCAM 35391745410 Brian Loughran
Love Shonagh May Ms Letterfrack 35391753161 Shonagh May Love
Ludden Mairead Ms Mayo 353949043105 Mairead Ludden
Lundon Clare Ms Galway 35391742093 Clare Lundon
Lusby Deirdre Ms Galway 35391742222 Deirdre Lusby
Lyashevska Olga Dr Galway 35391742450 Olga Lyashevska
Lydon Bridget Miss Letterfrack 35391753161 Bridget Lydon
Lydon Angela Mrs Galway 35391742019 Angela Lydon
Lydon Lucy Mrs Letterfrack 35391753161 Lucy Lydon