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Surname Forename Title Campus Phone Email
MacDermott Felim Mr Galway 35391745417 Felim MacDermott
MacGearailt Ronan Mr Galway 35391742438 Ronan MacGearailt
Madden Valerie Ms Galway 35391742183 Valerie Madden
Madden Jeremy Mr Letterfrack 35391742669 Jeremy Madden
Madden Tracy Mrs Galway 35391742323 Tracy Madden
Madden Paula Mrs Galway 35391742786 Paula Madden
Magner Tony Mr CCAM 35391745436 Tony Magner
Maguire Cecilia Ms Galway 35391753161 Cecilia Maguire
Maguire Margaret Ms Mayo 353949043130 Margaret Maguire
Maher Declan Dr Galway 35391742085 Declan Maher
Maher Ann Ms Mayo 353949043254 Ann Maher
Maher Daniel Professor Galway 35391742107 Daniel Maher
Maher Pamela Ms CCAM 35391745419 Pamela Maher
Mahon Cathy Mrs Galway 35391753161 Cathy Mahon
Mahon Aoife Ms Galway 35391742048 Aoife Mahon
Mahony Jacinta Ms Galway 35391742196 Jacinta Mahony
Mahony Anita Ms Galway 35391742550 Anita Mahony
Mallee Caroline Ms Mayo 353949043148 Caroline Mallee
Malone Fiona Ms Galway 35391742275 Fiona Malone
Maloney Niall Dr Galway 35391742895 Niall Maloney
Mamala Arkadiusz Mr Galway 35391742053 Arkadiusz Mamala
Mangan Tomas Mr Galway 35391742303 Tomas Mangan
Manifold Louise Ms CCAM 35391745469 Louise Manifold
Mannion Niall Mr Galway 35391742426 Niall Mannion
Mannion Maureen Ms Galway 35391742269 Maureen Mannion
Mannion Martha Mrs Galway 35391742352 Martha Mannion
Marcos Ivan Mr CCAM 35391745456 Ivan Marcos
Marnell Cian Mr Galway 35391742052 Cian Marnell
Martin Vivienne Miss CCAM 35391745428 Vivienne Martin
Martin Frances Dr Galway 35391742890 Frances Martin
Martyn Caroline Mrs Galway 35391753161 Caroline Martyn
Maughan Emer Ms Galway 35391742877 Emer Maughan
Maye Kevin Mr Letterfrack 35391742661 Kevin Maye
Mc Donnell Joanne Mrs Mayo 35391753161 Joanne Mc Donnell
Mc Donnell David Mr Galway 35391742116 David Mc Donnell
Mc Namara Kathy Mrs Mayo 35391753161 Kathy Mc Namara
McAllen PJ Mr Galway 35391742495 PJ McAllen
McArdle Sheila Dr Mayo 353949043118 Sheila McArdle
McBride Hugh Mr Mayo 353949043139 Hugh McBride
McCann Niall Mr Galway 35391742430 Niall McCann
McCann Patricia Ms Galway 35391742172 Patricia McCann
McCarthy Mark Dr Galway 35391742411 Mark McCarthy
McCarthy Rachel Ms Galway 35391742476 Rachel McCarthy
McCarthy Eugene Dr Galway 35391742081 Eugene McCarthy
McCarthy Mary Ms Mayo 353949043156 Mary McCarthy
McCaul Joe Mr CCAM 35391745467 Joe McCaul
McConn Ciara Miss Galway 35391742620 Ciara McConn
McConway Terence Mr Mayo 353949043140 Terence McConway
McCormack Mary Mrs Galway 35391742372 Mary McCormack
McCormack Michelle Dr Galway 35391742409 Michelle McCormack