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Surname Forename Title Campus Ext Phone Email Address
Nash Roisin Dr Galway 2593 2593 Roisin Nash
Naughton Barbara Miss Galway 2279 2279 Barbara Naughton
Neary Ivana Ms Mayo 3141 3141 Ivana Neary
Nee Serena Ms Galway 2139 2139 Serena Nee
Nelissen Petra Ms CCAM 5454 5454 Petra Nelissen
Nestor Mary Ms Mayo 3137 3137 Mary Nestor
Nevin Kenneth Mr Galway 5405 5405 Kenneth Nevin
Nevin James Mr Galway 2204 2204 James Nevin
Newell Shane Mr Galway 2880 2880 Shane Newell
Nicholson Gerard Mr Galway 2146 2146 Gerard Nicholson
NiDhomhnaill Emer Ms Galway 2838 2838 Emer NiDhomhnaill
Nielsen Richard Mr Galway 2141 2141 Richard Nielsen
Nielsen Monica Ms Galway 2020 2020 Monica Nielsen
Ni Fhlannagain Nora Ms Galway 2049 2049 Nora Ni Fhlannagain
NiFhlatharta Geraldine Ms Galway 2759 2759 Geraldine NiFhlatharta
NiGhabhain Caitlin Ms Galway 2465 2465 Caitlin NiGhabhain
Noci Francesco Dr Galway 2381 2381 Francesco Noci
Noonan Liam Mr Galway 2715 2715 Liam Noonan
Noone Cait Ms Galway 2236 2236 Cait Noone