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Surname Forename Title Campus Phone Email
Rabbitte Maria Miss Galway 2227 Maria Rabbitte
Rafferty Turlough Mr Galway 35391742854 Turlough Rafferty
Raftery Philip Mr Galway 35391742493 Philip Raftery
Raftery Keith Mr Galway 35391742308 Keith Raftery
Rainsford Eleanor Dr Galway 35391742447 Eleanor Rainsford
Raleigh Jean Dr Galway 35391742884 Jean Raleigh
Ramirez John Dr Galway 35391742278 John Ramirez
Redmond Jack Mr Galway 35391742149 Jack Redmond
Regan Brendan Mr Galway 35391753161 Brendan Regan
Regan Anthony Mr Galway 35391742619 Anthony Regan
Reid Mary Ms Galway 35391742379 Mary Reid
Reidy Sally Ms Galway 35391742516 Sally Reidy
Richardson Caroline Miss Galway 35391753161 Caroline Richardson
Riordan Carmel Ms Galway 35391745450 Carmel Riordan
Roberts Kelly Ms CCAM 35391745454 Kelly Roberts
Roche Robert Mr Galway 35391753161 Robert Roche
Roche Tom Dr Galway 35391742171 Tom Roche
Roe Gareth Mr Galway 35391742389 Gareth Roe
Rogers Mary Ms Galway 35391742210 Mary Rogers
Rogers Susan Dr Letterfrack 35391742688 Susan Rogers
Rohan Natasha Ms Galway 35391742017 Natasha Rohan
Ronayne Eileen Miss Galway 35391753161 Eileen Ronayne
Ronayne Catherina Ms Galway 35391742729 Catherina Ronayne
Rowland Paul Mr CCAM 35391745470 Paul Rowland
Ruffley Martin Dr Galway 35391742368 Martin Ruffley
Rushe Suzanne Ms Letterfrack 35391742666 Suzanne Rushe
Russell Mary Ms Galway 35391742528 Mary Russell
Ryan Fiona Ms Galway 35391742560 Fiona Ryan
Ryan Jenny Dr Galway 35391742468 Jenny Ryan
Ryan Paul Mr Galway 35391742482 Paul Ryan
Ryan Phyllis Mrs Galway 35391753161 Phyllis Ryan
Ryan Mary Ms Mayo 35391753161 Mary Ryan
Ryan Regina Ms Galway 35391753161 Regina Ryan
Ryan Deirdre Ms Galway 35391742460 Deirdre Ryan
Ryan Dave Mr Galway 35391742111 Dave Ryan
Ryan Jacinta Ms Galway 35391742250 Jacinta Ryan
Ryan Lisa Dr Galway 35391742556 Lisa Ryan
Ryan Patrick Mr Galway 35391742479 Patrick Ryan
Ryan Joseph Mr Galway 35391742287 Joseph Ryan
Ryan Amanda Mrs Galway 35391742575 Amanda Ryan