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Surname Forename Title Campus Phone Email
Salawdeh Suhaib Dr Galway 35391742590 Suhaib Salawdeh
Salik Aynur Mrs Galway 35391742057 Aynur Salik
Sally Aine Ms Galway 35391742006 Aine Sally
Sammon Julie Ms Galway 35391753161 Julie Sammon
Scahill John Mr Mayo 353949043298 John Scahill
Scarry AnnMarie Ms CCAM 35391742040 AnnMarie Scarry
Schellenberg Christoph Mr Galway 35391742082 Christoph Schellenberg
Schlingermann Moira Ms Galway 35391742416 Moira Schlingermann
Seery Esther Ms Galway 35391742392 Esther Seery
Sexton Anne Ms Galway 35391742870 Anne Sexton
Shakeel Tahreem Ms Galway 35391742595 Tahreem Shakeel
Shaw Rachael Dr Galway 35391742498 Rachael Shaw
Sheppard Thomas Mr Letterfrack 35391742665 Thomas Sheppard
Sheridan Fiona Miss Galway 35391742197 Fiona Sheridan
Sheridan Deirdre Ms Mayo 353949043217 Deirdre Sheridan
Sheridan Finian Mr Letterfrack 35391742658 Finian Sheridan
Sheridan Declan Mr Galway 35391745427 Declan Sheridan
Short George Miss Galway 35391742221 George Short
Shovelin Michael Mr Mayo 353949043161 Michael Shovelin
Skehill Orla Ms Galway 35391742466 Orla Skehill
Skillington Mary Mrs Mayo 353949043133 Mary Skillington
Slattery Orla Dr Galway 35391742554 Orla Slattery
Sloyan Matthew Mr Galway 35391742380 Matthew Sloyan
Smith Dave Mr CCAM 35391745465 Dave Smith
Smith Jim Mr Mayo 35391753161 Jim Smith
Smyth Karen Ms Galway 35391742589 Karen Smyth
Smyth John Mr Galway 35391753161 John Smyth
Smyth Michael Mr Galway 35391742403 Michael Smyth
Smyth Luke Mr Galway 35391742334 Luke Smyth
Sohn Gundo Mr Galway 35391742573 Gundo Sohn
Spacey Conor Mr Galway 35391742099 Conor Spacey
Stakem Patricia Mrs Galway 35391742738 Patricia Stakem
Stapleton Maeve Ms CCAM 35391742358 Maeve Stapleton
Staunton Maria Ms Mayo 353949043198 Maria Staunton
Stefanov Florian Dr Galway 35391742243 Florian Stefanov
Stephens Maura Ms Galway 35391742827 Maura Stephens
Stewart Vanessa Mrs Galway 35391742847 Vanessa Stewart
Sweeney Susanne Ms Mayo 353949043282 Susanne Sweeney
Sweeney Ben Mr Galway 35391742060 Ben Sweeney
Sweeney Thomas Mr CCAM 35391745446 Thomas Sweeney