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Surname Forename Title Campus Phone Email
Browne Angela Ms Galway 35391753161 Angela Browne
Browne Orla Ms Mayo 353949043163 Orla Browne
Bruen Teresa Dr Mayo 353949043265 Teresa Bruen
Buchan Isabel Ms Galway 35391742464 Isabel Buchan
Buckley Fiona Ms Galway 35391753161 Fiona Buckley
Burke Paul Mr Galway 35391742231 Paul Burke
Burke Siobhan Ms Galway 35391753161 Siobhan Burke
Burke Tracey Ms Galway 35391742609 Tracey Burke
Burke Julie Mrs Galway 35391753161 Julie Burke
Burke Ultan Mr Galway 35391742612 Ultan Burke
Burke Keith Mr Galway 35391742304 Keith Burke
Burke Phil Ms Galway 35391742797 Phil Burke
Burke Manus Mr CCAM 35391745421 Manus Burke
Burke Kerry Miss Galway 35391742312 Kerry Burke
Burke Karen Ms Galway 35391753161 Karen Burke
Burke AnnMarie Ms Letterfrack 35391742039 AnnMarie Burke
Burke Emma Ms Galway 35391753161 Emma Burke
Burke Mary Ms Galway 35391753161 Mary Burke
Burke Marie Ms Galway 35391742246 Marie Burke
Butler Valerie Ms Galway 35391742302 Valerie Butler
Butler Peter Mr Galway 35391742328 Peter Butler
Butler Johanna Ms CCAM 35391742261 Johanna Butler
Butler John Mr CCAM 35391745448 John Butler
Byrne Avril Mrs Galway 35391742523 Avril Byrne
Byrne Brendan Mr Galway 35391742572 Brendan Byrne
Byrne Caitriona Ms Galway 35391753161 Caitriona Byrne
Byrne Ronan Mr Galway 35391753161 Ronan Byrne
Byrne Tina Ms CCAM 35391745439 Tina Byrne
Byrne Theresa Ms Galway 35391742601 Theresa Byrne
Byrne John Mr Galway 35391742263 John Byrne
Byrne Rachel Ms CCAM 35391742499 Rachel Byrne
Byrne Shane Mr Mayo 353949043253 Shane Byrne
Byrne Bernie Mrs Mayo 35391753161 Bernie Byrne
Byrt Enda Mr Letterfrack 35391742185 Enda Byrt
Cahill Tracey Mrs Galway 35391753161 Tracey Cahill
Cahill Emer Ms Galway 35391742179 Emer Cahill
Caldwell Daniel Rev Mayo 353949043150 Daniel Caldwell
Callaghan Declan Mr Galway 35391742121 Declan Callaghan
Callanan Aonghus Mr Galway 35391742051 Aonghus Callanan
Calvey Patrick Mr Mayo 35391742473 Patrick Calvey
Campbell Mark Mr Galway 35391742568 Mark Campbell
Cannon Paula Ms Galway 35391742846 Paula Cannon
Cannon Louise Miss Galway 35391742383 Louise Cannon
CannonCorless Paula Ms Galway 35391742485 Paula CannonCorless
Canny Nicholas Mr Galway 35391742580 Nicholas Canny
Canny Sean Mr Galway 35391742879 Sean Canny
Carey Martina Miss Galway 35391742369 Martina Carey
Carey Delma Ms Galway 35391742217 Delma Carey
Carey Eamon Mr Galway 35391742152 Eamon Carey
Carey Gillian Ms Galway 35391742227 Gillian Carey