Surface Treatments I


This module provides learners with an insight into the expressive nature of clay surfaces and its manipulation by treatments during the cycle of raw clay to fired form. Learners will gain a comprehensive overview of the decorative techniques and processes and will be required to complete a number of prescribed projects, where they will utilise these techniques and applications in a creative and expressive way.  Learners will also engage in the critical and historical study of the conventions of ceramic surface treatments from various cultures and ceramists to inform their ceramics practice.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Use a range of surface treatments on selected forms that emphasize and enhance their visual and tactile qualities.

  2. Apply wax resist, glaze and enamels with a high level of accuracy.  

  3. Prepare various colour palettes using oxides, stains and slips to explore pattern and repeat decorating techniques on the raw clay form.

  4. Create, apply and fire decal transfers, and demonstrate understanding of the decal (enamel) transfer printing process.

  5. Select and apply decorative techniques appropriately in the context of a number of prescribed projects.

  6. Work with consideration of health and safety.

% Coursework 100%