Surveying and Digital Terrain Modelling


This module builds on earlier surveying modules on the programme, to develop a high-level knowledge of skills, tasks and concepts involved in modern land surveying, setting out and digital terrain modelling. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand and apply the theory and principles of modern surveying and setting out techniques

  2. Develop setting out data for earthworks and composite and vertical curves

  3. Perform calculations for volumes and earthworks quantities

  4. Identify critical elements to be included in a site survey

  5. Collect data from site survey and computer generated drawings

  6. Manipulate data using terrain modelling techniques to produce drawings and calculation reports

  7. Appreciate the scope of the capabilities of technology available for modern surveying techniques

  8. Combine the duties of the modern surveyor with the ability to work on own initiave and as part of a team

% Coursework 100%