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Hotel and Catering Management Student - Gayle Tarmey

Gayle Tarmey GMIT

Before attending GMIT, I worked at management level in the hotel industry for 14 years.

I completed my original hotel management degree through a trainee management program with JurysDoyle Group in 2002.  I decided to apply to do the final year of GMIT’s honours degree in Hotel & Catering Management in order to get an honours degree, and facilitate my long term goal of lecturing in the future.

Within the hotel and catering industry, there are three colleges in Ireland that are well recognised.  GMIT was the nearest logistically to me, and the newly renovated and expanded campus was also appealing.  It was an easy and natural choice.

My experience at GMIT has been thoroughly enjoyable.  As a mature student out of studies for nine years, I was anxious about integrating into the classroom environment.  I found that the ratio of mature students and mixture of candidates on my programme was particularly diverse.  As a result, the whole experience was very rewarding academically, professionally and on a personal level.

The support I receive from staff and lecturers is brilliant.  I hope to maintain and finish the year with a first class honours degree, whilst working full time in industry, expecting a child and having a family at home. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it!

Course Details:

Bachelor of Business in Hotel and Catering Management

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Hotel and Catering Management