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Religious Studies - Angela Joyce Keady

Angela Joyce Keady

My name is Angela Joyce Keady, and I have just finished the BA (hons) in Religious Studies in GMIT.  I am originally from San Diego, California, and am now based in Spiddal.

I saw GMIT from the car on the day I moved to Ireland, and was intrigued by its architecture! Years later I looked it up when I was searching for a Religious Studies Programme.

I went to GMIT with an open mind, as I had not attended college in Ireland before.  My experience was of top-notch lecturers, along with classmates from all walks of life.  Dull moments didn’t occur.

In terms of the degree, the Psychology of Religion module was where I felt most at home, but Introduction to Moral Reflection was the greatest challenge, in a beneficial way.  Christian Rituals and Symbols brought the class together in a wonderful way, while Christology inspired great re-evaluation of my personal beliefs.  Each module brought its own unique challenges and questions, along with great enjoyment at times.

As a freelance writer, I now plan to do more spiritual writing, in addition to the fiction I already write.

Galway is a wonderful adopted home for me, and GMIT has greatly enhanced my life here. Thank you.

Course details:

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies