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Religious Studies - Martin Walsh

Martin Walsh

My name is Martin Walsh, and I am from Cornarone West, Inverin, Co Galway.  I work as an accountant, and have recently graduated from the BA (Hons) in Religious Studies in GMIT.

I decided to do Religious Studies in GMIT to learn how to read/understand the Bible, and understand “Religion”.  I found the programme very broad and enlightening. It exceeded my expectations.

I really enjoyed learning about Faith & Culture, Faith & Revelation, Comparative Religions, Christology, Church and Contemporary Religious Thought.  The most challenging part for me was the dissertation.

The course was a part-time/flexible learning one, with lectures two evenings of the week. The time spent in GMIT was very much focused on lectures and learning.  Because of this, we did not become part of the “social life” within the college, but I really enjoyed my time there and my time with the group.

I am very glad I completed the programme.  It can be challenging at times with the pressures of full-time work, so I was very grateful for the encouragement, support and dedication of the lecturers.

Course details:

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies