Tourism Learning Seminar


This final year 'capstone' module will offer students an opportunity for individual and group reflection on topical business issues, policies and trends in the tourism sector. This module will reflect a holistic management perspective rather than focusing on a specific discipline within the tourism arena. The module will be delivered in a seminar style method or a series of professional guest speakers. Thematic areas in this module will vary annually and will be driven mainly by current topics of interest.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Exercise judgement of strategic business decisions taken in the tourism industry

  2. Demonstrate an understanding of policies and procedures in tourism planning at national and international level

  3. Develop and build networking skills with key industry players

  4. Evaluate material delivered by experts from different sectors of the tourism industry in an analytical and critical manner

  5. Participate fully in discussions and debates on issues relating to tourism

  6. Critically evaluate three of the seminar topics presented

% Coursework 100%