Transfusion Science 2


This module is intended to review and bring to an advanced level, the study of the laboratory and scientific aspects of blood transfusion practice. It is designed to bring together the learners understanding of immunohaematology and genetics in a practical-based setting and will provide the learner with the knowledge and competencies to work in a modern blood transfusion laboratory.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain the genetics, biochemistry, and serological characteristics of clinically important blood group systems;

  2. Discuss and evaluate procedures for blood donation, collection and processing.

  3. Discuss and competently perform a range of tests appropriate to professional practice.

  4. Critically analyse, interpret and communicate results as appropriate for a clinical setting and advise on further testing as appropriate.

  5. Critically review the role of the transfusion laboratory in the provision of blood and blood components in a variety of clinical settings and in the investigation of adverse effects of transfusion.

  6. Apply knowledge of quality, safety, regulatory and ethical aspects to current best practices in the transfusion laboratory.

% Coursework 40%
% Final Exam 60%