Transitions in Early Childhood Education and Care


This module explores the significance of transitions that occur throughout the life course and their particular important in influencing the well-being and development of the individual. The module by recognising the significance of transitions investigates the impact of transitions on children, their families and staff in the ECEC setting. The module will explore a range of practices that empower and support children to manage change at entry, within and exiting the ECEC setting for home or to move to primary school.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Conceptualise transitions as part of the life course cycle.

  2. Identify transition as a social and cultural practice that is part of the development trajectory.

  3. Engage with children, parents, teachers and the wider community to scaffold and support child transitions.

  4. Demonstrate practices to support transitions that support children's well-being, sense of identity and belonging.

  5. Crtically reflect on the inclusion of children's, parent's, staff, teachers and the wider community perspectives in the transtion process.

% Coursework 100%