Visual Culture 1


In the Visual Culture 1 module learners will participate in a seminar series which will develop their theoretical knowledge, writing and presentation skills, while offering them the opportunity to apply this to active learning situations. Students will choose from two options, both providing an emphasis on Art Writing.

Seminar group1 entitled Read, ‘rite, Reflect is designed to coincide constructively with Galway’s annual contemporary art festival TULCA. The seminar promotes civic engagement within this important annual cultural event in Galway in accordance with GMIT’s Learning Teaching and Assessment strategy (Objective 5 of Academic Codes of Policy no. 4). The Read, ‘rite, Reflect seminar will examine the role of critical writing in visual culture. Learners will develop their knowledge of methods and approaches to writing about contemporary art by analyzing the work of professional published writers. They will then apply that knowledge and methodology to their own personal reflections and evaluations culminating in a written submission and Seminar Presentation of their own Critical Review of TULCA. Learners may choose to share their written review on TULCA’s online forum for public engagement with the festival.

Seminar group 2  The Art Journal will examine a wide variety of writing on culture/cultural writing in Galway and the wider cultural context and ask students to consider how they might contribute creatively to this discourse through the production of a Visual Culture Journal. It asks for a considered reflection upon what defines a vibrant cultural scene and how, through the production of an online journal, to contribute actively to it. As such, this seminar series fosters independent, creative thinking and research as it is applied to a local cultural context. It also links key research and writing skills to students own cultural ambitions.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically evaluate works of contemporary art using methods of formal descriptive and interpretive analysis.

  2. Identify, discuss and appraise the curatorial theme of an exhibition and/or visual art journals.

  3. Demonstrate a consideration of published critical writing on artists' and curators' work or themes and issues in contemporary art.

  4. Apply theories of art to examples of contemporary art production and curation

  5. Articulate in writing and in a seminar presentation their personal reflections, observations and evaluation of the art works and exhibition curation

  6. Deliver a Seminar Presentation of their review to peers using current online presentation tools. Actively participate in dialogue during peer seminar presentations

% Coursework 100%