Visual Culture 2.2: Contemporary Textile Art & Design


Students from the Textiles Design strand will undertake the Visual Culture 2.2: Contemporary Textiles Art & Design seminar.

This module aims to introduce learners to contemporary critical writing on Textiles practice and the debates and issues surrounding Textiles art and design. By engaging with a wide range of topics students will benefit from broadening their knowledge of the diversity of practices, concerns and research opportunities prior to embarking on their final dissertation in Level 8. Students will undertake research on a range of topics and present a written critical essay and deliver a seminar presentation on their research.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Research works of contemporary textile art and design using methods of formal descriptive, interpretative and contextual analysis.

  2. Identify, discuss and appraise works of contemporary textile art and design, exhibitions and critical writings.

  3. Demonstrate a consideration of relevant published critical theoretical texts.

  4. Articulate in writing and in a seminar presentation their personal reflections, observations and evaluations on issues of visual cultural relevant to their area of research within contemporary textiles art & design practice.

  5. Deliver a Seminar Presentation of their work to peers using current online presentation tools. Actively participate in dialogue during peer seminar presentations.

% Coursework 100%