Visual Culture and Critical Studies 2


VCCS2 considers the main themes and issues characterizing contemporary visual culture. It does so by giving due attention to the historical precedents underpinning the development of art, design, craft and new media. It also focuses upon the dynamics of visual culture as it grapples with a new age of digital media.

Students completing this module should have a confidence and flexibility in connecting these themes and issues to a variety of cultural artefacts pertinent to junior and senior cycle curricula.

Examples will be chosen that are suited to the new Leaving Cert Art  curriculum. In year 1, students will have looked at examples of Irish and European culture from the Romanesque and Gothic up to the twentieth century. In year 2 the focus will be on Modernism and Postmodernism in Europe and particularly Ireland. It will also include contextual content from the Pre Christian period in Ireland to the present as appropriate. VCCS2 will continue the methodological approach to research appropriate to the level being assessed. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop further critical skills in describing, interpreting, contextualizing and evaluating cultural artefacts and visual media 

  2. Gain a sound understanding of the key themes and issues characterizing the development and future potentials of visual culture

  3. Have a solid grasp of key themes and issues underpinning junior cycle Visual Art and Leaving Certificate Art specifications. Specific work will be undertaken on the new art curriculum. 

  4. Deliver a seminar presentation showing an understanding of course material and presentation technologies

  5. Consolidate core skills in research and critical analysis through an understanding of the essay format 

  6. Develop further a critical awareness of their own role as teacher in the field of visual culture though gaining an ease with contemporary theories and discourses around the visual

% Coursework 100%