Water and Marine Tourism


This module profiles water-based tourism, sport, leisure and recreation experiences and associated tourism products.  It explores the relationship between water-based recreational behaviour and the natural environment.  The exploration of natural resource and facilities management in water-based tourism is emphasised as well as key issues facing the sector in Ireland and internationally. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the evolution of water-based natural resources and their associated tourism products

  2. Understand the marine tourism environment and its various elements

  3. Identify the public and private organisations and stakeholders involved at national and international level and key challenges associated with marine and water-based agency management.

  4. Examine current related policy related to this subject area

  5. Review water-based resource planning and management issues for waterbased tourism products and services

  6. Examine major water-based attractions and events nationally and internationally through case study analysis

  7. Discuss the contribution and significace of marine and water-based tourism economically, socially and environmentally

  8. Monitor current trends and developments related to this subject

% Coursework 30%
% Final Exam 70%