Website Design and Social Media Presence


This module equips students with the skills necessary to utilise the online environment for the dissemination and promotion of a variety of content. Its ethos is to explore the potential of social media and affordable custom websites as effective vehicles for the distribution of content and the promotion of ideas. In keeping with the ethos of this programme much of the work can be completed with only the use of a mobile phone.

It is a practice based module in which students are asked to consider the various online platforms and examine the suitability these for a variety of subject matter.

Students will engage with the multitude of online technologies, such as social media platforms, blogging, podcasting etc, and will also be tasked with designing, building and maintaining a website using free or affordable platforms.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Implement a knowledge of the various online technologies and their suitability for various tasks.

  2. Develop, design and plan a website using affordable templates.

  3. Perform basic analysis of a website.

  4. Demonstrate an awareness of legal and ethical principals involved in hosting online content.

  5. Understand basic search engine principals.

% Coursework 100%