Work Placement


The module is a work placement in Business Information Systems setting and will incorporate a technical learning component.

The module will develop the learner professionally and personally and equip them with the skills, knowledge and relevant business experience to give them insight to and enable them to plan for and achieve their career goals.

All aspects of work placement are covered through workshops and seminars in the previous semester (Semester 5). This will include CV preparation, seeking and applying for a placement, navigating the interview process including mock interviews. The work placement duration is for 15 weeks. If the student and employer agree the student can remain on the work placement, ideally for a duration of 6 months.

Learners will gain knowledge, skills and experience in relation to the recruitment and selection process, and have the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge in the Business Information Systems discipline. Learners will enhance their communication, teamwork, problem solving and basic work skills. Placements will will incorporate technical learning and develop at least one technical skill on the course.

The module will be supported and delivered by an academic staff member with assistance from the careers office for the preparation workshops and other academic staff for work placement supervision. Each student will be assigned an academic supervisor and a workplace mentor at the place of work who will also support the student while on placement.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyse personal skills and characteristics and develop a personal development plan related to career strategy.

  2. Develop a personal brand and apply marketing techniques to marketing themselves.

  3. Review current recruitment and selection processes used by organisations, and prepare relevant documents for same.

  4. Present and articulate their skills and experience professionally in an interview situation.

  5. Have insight into the Business Information Systems environment locally, nationally and globally.

  6. Reflect on and analyse the work placement learning experience and and understand his/her own abilities in the work environment.

  7. Apply the knowledge and skills they have learnt on their degree course to a working environment.

  8. Participate and communicate in a professional manner as an individual or as member of a team in the workplace.

  9. Manage their learning in the workplace by reflecting on their skills development and performance and setting manageable short term goals using a log book.

  10. Develop at least one technical skill through work based learning.

% Coursework 100%