Quality Assurance

Quality assurance in ATU is a process designed to foster and embed a culture of continuous improvement.

Institute Quality Assurance System

The Academic Council is responsible for developing appropriate procedures for academic quality assurance in the design, delivery, learning and assessment methodologies of programmes having regard to change and best practice. The underlying thrust of these procedures is towards continuous improvement in practices relating to the development and operation of programmes as well as fostering high academic standards across the Institute.

Who is responsible for QA?

All institute staff and students are involved in the achievement of academic excellence. GMIT assures the quality of its programmes through the adoption and implementation of a Quality Assurance Framework consisting of a series of academic policies and procedures.

Role of Students

GMIT is committed to respecting students as the central focus of all our activities. Attracting, motivating and retaining students who are interested and determined to succeed in their chosen fields is a key objective of our quality assurance system. Students are represented on Programme Boards, the Academic Council and the Governing Body.

The First Year Experience in GMIT

GMIT was the first Institute to introduce the First Year Experience initiative, which consists of the #First5Weeks welcome programme, an innovative module (Learning and Innovation Skills) designed to ease the transition to higher education and a peer support programme, (Peer Assisted Study Sessions - PASS).  The Peer Assisted Study Sessions programme (PASS) is a scheme offering cross-year support between students on the same programme. It is designed to engage students more with their own learning and give them a sense of belonging in a large organisation.

GMIT Student Charter 2021 (PDF, 1.46MB)
GMIT Quality of Service Charter 2021 (PDF, 1.09MB)

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Vice President for Academic Affairs & Registrar

Michael Hannon
GMIT Galway Campus
Dublin Road
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Assistant Registrar

Aedin O'hEocha
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Assistant Registrar (Quality)

Carmel Brennan
Tel: +353 91 74 2266
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Vice President for Academic Affairs & Registrar's Office

Mary Kennedy
Tel: +353 91 74 2757
Email: Mary Kennedy

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