Medical Insurance

Non-EU students must obtain private health insurance and must provide details of their policy in advance of applying for a study visa to come to Ireland. 

It is important that Non-EU students assess private health insurance options available to them in their home country and options available in Ireland in advance of their visa application.

It is extremely important that such Non-EU students with existing medical conditions carefully select an insurance policy unique to their needs. Such students are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the health system in Ireland and to arrange a ‘transfer of care’ to facilitate the continuation of treatment in Ireland, if required. This should be arranged prior to arrival in Ireland.

Non-EU students will be required to present a copy of their private health insurance policy on registering with the local immigration office on arrival in Ireland.


The International Office at ATU Galway- Mayo has prepared a summary of some options for health insurance providers in Ireland, but it is the responsibility of international students to select and purchase their own policy, to suit their medical needs, in advance of arrival in Ireland.

Please note the below list is not exhaustive and only represents an example of providers that are available in Ireland and willing to assess Non-EU students for a quotation. Furthermore, the onus is on the student to check the full details of any policies offered by these companies, or any other insurance company they wish to seek a quotation from. 

You can purchase insurance in your home country for your first year, however you will need to ensure that it is valid in Ireland and in any other countries you plan to travel to. There are different levels of private health insurance available. Students are advised to read their policy documents carefully and pay close attention to “waiting periods” , particularly if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. In addition, students should ensure that repatriation cover is included in their policy and sufficient in case of an unforeseen emergency.

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