EPIC About Us

What is the EPIC Centre for Research and Community Engagement (Environmental, Person Centred, Integrated & Connected)?

The Centre is comprised of active research groups and individuals within the School who presently are or who propose to become research active. (see our staff profiles)

The purpose of this centre is to: 

  • Promote and facilitate collaborative research across pre-defined thematic areas. (EPIC)

  • Generate significant research funding, outputs and impact 

  • Provide a coordinated focus for external and/or internal stakeholder and community engagement

Students in discussion

Centre Aims

  • To internally develop and foster a community of practice in research engagement.

  • To establish a coherent and recognised identity for the School to facilitate engagement with academic partners and stakeholders in the pre-stated thematic areas: EPIC

  • To undertake core research activities that are recognised at high national and international levels.

  • To aggregate research activities in related fields to achieve critical mass and activate research clusters within coherent research themes.

  • To support the development of a quality research training environment to support research postgraduate candidates and in future, post-doctoral researchers.

  • To attract external research funding both nationally and internationally

  • To translate research findings for the benefit of the external community and the regional and national economy