Fees for EU Students

Do you hold an European Union passport or an Irish birth certificate?

Can you confirm that you have no prior third level education?

Have you been living in the EU for three out of the last five years?

If you answered YES to the above 3 questions, you are entitled to free tuition fees for all full-time Level 6, 7 and 8 programmes.

This means that you will only have to pay the Student Contribution fee.

If you are eligible for a grant (apply to SUSI), this should cover the Student Contribution fee also.

Please note that materials/trips fee applicable on certain programmes is not covered by a grant.

In order of meet the nationality criteria of the Free Fees Initiative, students must be a national of:

  • an EU Member State
  • a state which is a contracting state to the EEA Agreement
  • the Swiss Confederation

Please refer to our list of qualifying countries.

Answering NO to Question 3
You must meet the Residency requirement in order to qualify for the EU Fee rate as set out below

Residency Criteria
Students  must have been resident in an EU/EEA/Swiss State for at least three (3) out of the five (5) years preceding their entry to their third level course.

The following are not required to meet the Residency Criteria

  • Child of Semi State Agency Officials who are on assignment outside the EU
  • Children of Department of Foreign Affairs Officials who are on assignment in countries outside of the EU (subsequently a decision was made to also include children of government officials on assignment outside the EU)
  • Students and Family members of volunteer development workers.
  • Children of certain Irish officials working with the UN where such service was akin to that of a member of the Irish diplomatic service

Students who hold EU/EEA/Swiss nationality but were not resident in these states,  have completed five academic years of study (at either primary or post-primary level) in a EU/EEA/Swiss State and commence their first undergraduate course of study will be charged the EU Fee.

 Documentation required

  • EU/EEA/Swiss Passport
  • Letter from a primary or post-primary provider of education confirming attendance for a period of five consecutive years of education.

Answering NO to Question 1
If you answered NO to Question 1, please refer to our information page about Fees for Non-EU Students.

Answering NO to Question 2
If you answered NO to Question 2, please refer to our information page about Fees for Students with Prior Third Level Education.

Further Information
If you still require clarification please contact the Fees Office.

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