Fees FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Fees

What fees do I owe?

You will see what fees you owe when you login to register. Full-time students owe €3,000 Student Contribution. The Tuition Fee will be covered by the Free Fees Scheme (if applicable). Some programmes incur a material fee. Please refer to Student Finance for more information in relation the Free Fees Scheme or email feecollection.galwaymayo@atu.ie if you have queries in relation to what fees you owe.

When are my Fees due?

You can pay your fees before 31st October. Alternatively you can pay your fees in instalments and avail of one of the following payment plans:

  • PPA: 50% of the total fees by 31st October and 50% by the 31st January.

  • PPB: 10% of the total fees to be paid, per month by standing order, from September to June.

To avail of PPB payment plan please email feecollection.galwaymayo@atu.ie to request the ATU bank details you will need to set up the standing order. Please include your GMIT/ATU Student ID number in the email. The PPC plan cannot be applied to your record until Fee Collection has received a copy of the standing order.

What if I cannot pay my fees by the dates above?

Please contact Fee Collection to review payment options. Students with exceptional circumstances may be considered for Financial Support towards their fees through the Student Services office. Please contact Student Services for further information in relation to this.

If I am in receipt of a grant, do I have to pay the Student Contribution Fee in order to register?

Unless you have received a letter of approval from the Grant Awarding Authority (e.g. SUSI) which states that your fees are covered, you must pay the fees. This will be reimbursed when ATU receives confirmation of your grant award from the Grant Awarding Authority.

If I’m doing a programme that has a Materials Fee included, does this get refunded when I get grant approval?

Materials Fees are non-refundable and are not covered by any grant.

If I interrupt my studies during the academic year, will I be liable for fees (Tuition and Student Contribution)?

It depends on the time of year you leave. If you leave before the 31st of October, you will not be liable for fees (exceptions apply) and if you have paid fees then these will be refunded. Please contact the Fees Office for more information.

If I change programme or move from an Ordinary Degree to an Honours Degree, do I owe Tuition fees?

It depends how long you studied on your previous programme and what level programme you are now starting. In general, most students qualify for 4 years Free Tuition. Please refer to Student Finance for more information or contact the Fees Office with your query.