Save our Swifts project

Save our Swifts Project with live streaming from swift nestboxes at ATU Mayo campus

Save our Swifts Project

The Swift is a bird of conservation concern in Ireland due to loss of breeding sites.

Swifts nest mainly in tall buildings, usually under the eaves.  It is known that Swifts nest in Castlebar and in particular at the ATU Mayo campus.

The Green Campus team and ATU Mayo have erected 18 nest boxes  and 11 of these can be viewed on the livestream cameras below. The aim of this project is to provide nest sites for Swifts to help grow the local population and to raise awareness about this amazing bird.  In 2019, 10 of these nests were occupied by Swifts and 12 chicks were successfully reared.

ATU Mayo student, Jaroslaw Majkusiak, is doing a Masters research project on the breeding biology of the Swifts at the nest box project using 24/7 recordings of the breeding season.


Watch 2022 Live Streaming Below!


Swift Blog 2022

Camera 1
Camera 2
Camera 3
Camera 4


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