Sports Scholarships

Sporting scholarships apply to students at all ATU campuses.


To apply for the ATU Sports Scholarship programme, athletes/applicants must fulfil the eligibility criteria listed below:

  1. Students must meet the GMIT admission requirements through the CAO system and must have registered on a programme of academic study at GMIT

  2. Compete and perform at International, National, Inter-provincial, Inter-county and/or Senior Club level

  3. Commit to an appropriate level of commitment to your club at ATU and represent the Institute in intervarsity and other competitions and/or training

  4. Commit to making a contribution to the administration, coaching, promotion and development of the ATU club

  5. Please note that meeting all the above criteria does not mean automatic acceptance to the Scholarship Programme.

The eligibility and selection criteria reflect the evolving nature of the Sports Scholarship Programme, and ATU reserves the right to amend the criteria for selection according to the requirements of the scheme.

Two GMIT sports scholarship students

Sports Scholarships

GMIT supports the development of talented athletes and recognises their increasing need to successfully balance both academic and sporting commitments. We facilitate this vision through the Sports Scholarship Programme. 

Further Information

Molly Dunne
Clubs Development Officer
Tel: +353 (0)91 742579
Email: Molly Dunne

GAA applicants should contact:
Damian Curley
GAA Development Officer
Tel: +353 (0)91 742062
Email: Damian Curley