Pre Arrival Information

Pre-Arrival Information for International Students (Updated 12th June 2023)

This information is for international students travelling to ATU Galway-Mayo in September 2023 to begin their studies.

This webpage will be updated regularly as further information becomes available.

Non- EU students should contact ATU Global at  if they require further information or guidance. Erasmus students should email for queries.


When should I arrive?

Students should be on campus for our mandatory induction/orientation on 13th September 2023 and ready to start their academic studies when teaching begins the following week. 

All COVID-19 restrictions in Ireland have ended, however this does not mean that Covid-19 has been eradicated. We advise student to take normal precautions and adjust accordingly depending on your health. Travellers to Ireland are no longer required to show proof of vaccination, a negative PCR test, or proof of recovery, upon arrival. Please note that if you are transiting through other countries en route to Ireland/ getting connecting flights, you will need to check what travel protocols are in place for each country you travel to or transit through, as it will vary for each country.


B.Y.O.D (Bring Your Own Device ie. laptop/device)

Please note ATU operates a B.Y.O.D policy (BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE), so you will need to bring your own laptop/device with you when departing or purchase one when you arrive in Ireland. This is a requirement as some programmes may have some online learning and students may be required to attend some online classes/lectures. Every programme at ATU also requires a significant amount of independent learning, outside standard class times which requires access to a laptop. Students will also need to complete some of their induction/orientation online. You will not be able to complete your programme without one.


Will there be an orientation/induction for International students?

Orientation/induction will take place from 13th- 15th September on campus. Students will need to be in Ireland for this mandatory induction. A full schedule of induction and events will be published in early September.


When will teaching begin? 

18th September 2023: Teaching begins for all First-Year, Continuing, Erasmus and Advanced Entry Students. 

Postgraduate programmes may start on different dates, depending on the department. Most postgraduate programmes will start on 18th September, however students should contact their department directly, or ATU Global, to confirm the start date of their postgraduate programme.

An online pre-arrival briefing session was held on 3rd August 2023 for all new international students arriving in Ireland this September. A copy of the recording is now available below.



Pre-Arrival Briefing 2023

Pre Arrival Briefing Slides

Pre Arrival Briefing information in PDF format,


There are important tasks for all international students that must be completed before you travel to Ireland.

You must have suitable accommodation secured for when you arrive in Ireland. Information about accommodation options is available online from ATU’s Students’ Union on their accommodation portal, if you have not yet booked. Please exercise caution and try verify the authenticity of the accommodation provider before completing a booking or providing any personal information. This will help you avoid scams.

You must pre-book a single bus ticket to take you from the airport to Galway or Mayo. You will need to check your expected arrival time at the airport and then book your bus ticket online. We advise to book your transportation as early as possible. Some options include:

You will need to pack all important documents in your hand luggage before departing from your home country (see section below for more information).

 If you are getting any connecting flights en route to Ireland, please check what Covid travel protocols/vaccination requirements are in place for those countries. 



You will need important documents for Border/Immigration Control at the Airport.

We recommend that students pack the following documents in their hand luggage:

  • Passport
  • Visa or Irish Residence Permit (if applicable)
  • Offer Letter from ATU
  • Receipt of Tuition Fees Payment
  • Proof of Accommodation
  • Medical / Health Insurance
  • Face Masks / Hand Sanitiser (optional)
  • Proof of Vaccination (if transiting through a country where it’s required)
  • Proof of Negative PCR Test (if transiting through a country where it’s required)



Airports across Europe have been disrupted since early 2022 and are operating at full capacity. Therefore, you will need to be patient and expect some delays at any airports you are transiting through, or upon arrival at Dublin Airport. There is also a strong possibility of delayed flights/missing luggage. With this in mind, we recommend you bring a small bag onboard your flight with some essential materials/clothes and all-important documents, in case your checked in luggage doesn’t arrive on time.

Upon arrival at Dublin Airport there are two queues at immigration control. One is for EU Passport Holders and the other is for Non-EU Passport Holders. Please ensure you have all your important documents ready for presentation to the immigration officer (as listed below), to avoid further delays at border control.

Once you pass through immigration you will arrive in the baggage hall. The screens overhead will indicate which belt the bags from your flight are to be delivered too. It can sometimes take between 1-1.5 hours for bags to arrive at the belt.

After you clear immigration and collect your bags, then you can head outside of the terminal to take a bus to Galway. Most buses will depart either from outside Terminal 1, or from the coach park at Zone 2 or Zone 11 or Zone 20. Please check the bus provider for the exact departure location within Dublin Airport.  

Note for students studying at ATU Mayo campus: City Link will launch a new bus service, from Dublin Airport to Castlebar, Co. Mayo. Please note, this service will commence on 25th September 2023.



When you arrive at Galway Coach station, you can book a taxi to drop you to your accommodation if required (please note you will need to cover the cost of this yourself, ATU will not cover such expenses). Some local taxi companies include:



If you have any common symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19), you SHOULD NOT ATTEND CAMPUS.

You should self-isolate, take an antigen test  and also contact the ATU Student Health Unit (contact details below) straight away and the Institute Nurse will advise the next course of action.

Student Health or telephone: 091 742228 / 087 9971574 (Emergency Mobile Number)

University Hospital Galway Emergency Department (091) 544556 (for use outside normal college hours).

Additionally, you must notify ATU immediately by emailing  or phoning 091 742708 if you have taken an antigen test and received a positive test outcome for COVID-19 and you are required to self-isolate.

Please note that Covid-19 restrictions are subject to change.


You can choose to purchase a new phone when you arrive in Ireland, or you can use your existing phone with an Irish Sim Card. In this scenario you need to ensure your phone is unlocked before you leave your home country.

There are several mobile network providers in Ireland. They offer a range of different options and price plans. The main providers include 3 MobileLyca MobileEirTesco Mobile, GoMo,48 and Vodafone.


Covid-19 Travel Advice (Irish Government)
Public Health Guidance (Health Service Executive)

The Government of Ireland travel website also provides guidance on international travel: